Diamants de Namira
Everest Brooch


Diamants de Namira is an exclusive collection of Astronomically Accurate constellations which rise over the celestial North Pole, closest to the South Pole and above Mount Everest, referred to as the Third Pole of the world. Diamants de Namira, Everest Brooch is made in 18K white gold and comprises a single line of diamonds with each star in the Constellation of Auriga precisely crafted  its right position and magnitude in a channel setting and its brightest star, α Capella featured as the Everest Star, exquisitely crafted in in the shape of a six-pointer star.

The jewel draws inspiration from Namira Salim’s pioneering skydive over Mount Everest, which made her the First Asian and person woman from Monaco to Skydive (tandem) Mount Everest during the historic, First Everest Skydive 2008.

18K White Gold

Weight – 13.5 G

Diamonds – 7.33 G

Dimensions – W 66 mm X H 70 mm

Gold – Available in White, Yellow or Rose Gold.

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